Cedric Alexander def. Mustafa Ali

Cedric Alexander def. Mustafa Ali

Despite no longer challenging for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Royal Rumble, Cedric Alexander remained positive and confident that the “Age of Alexander” was on the horizon. Looking to continue to build on the momentum he has built in recent weeks, Alexander locked up with his good friend and frequent tag team partner, Mustafa Ali.

Before the match got under way, the two friends shook hands in a showing that they intended to have a friendly contest. Two of the Cruiserweight division’s most agile competitors, both Ali and Alexander showcased their quickness and ability in the opening moments of the contest. As neither competitor could gain a significant advantage, tempers flared a bit between the two, and they engaged in a bit of one-upmanship.

Countering Ali’s fast-paced offense by knocking him off the ropes and sending him crashing face-first into the ring apron gave Alexander the advantage he needed to take control of the match. Despite Alexander’s wave of momentum, the two friends traded heavy strikes and relied on their agility to counter each other’s advances.

As the tension mounted and the two competitors continued trading momentum, the WWE Universe remained on the edge of their seats, chanting “this is awesome” and watching in awe of the fast-paced battle that continued to unfold. Eventually, the friendly competition devolved into open-handed strikes and all-out brawling, but the resilience and ability of both Superstars remained a deciding force as they continually countered each other’s high-risk attempts to secure victory.

Finally, after a series of near-falls, Ali attempted his patented 054, but Alexander moved and quickly seized the opportunity to strike with the neutralizer and the painful Lumbar Check to earn a hard-fought victory.

After the match, Alexander celebrated his win, but he made sure to help his friend up to his feet and raise his hand.

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