Gran Metalik def. TJP

Gran Metalik vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Jan. 16, 2018

After a shocking defeat against Gran Metalik last week, TJP attempts to regain momentum by defeating the luchador in a rematch.

After a shocking loss to Gran Metalik in last week’s Cruiserweight Classic Final rematch on WWE 205 Live, TJP demanded a rematch with the luchador. As soon as the opening bell sounded, The Duke of Dab charged forward, wasting no time attacking his opponent and leveraging his speed to enjoy an early advantage. However, The King of the Ropes quickly struck back, showing off his own speed and agility and driving TJP from the ring before flattening him with a breathtaking moonsault to the outside.

Recovering from the masked Superstar’s offensive onslaught and taking his opponent down with a dropkick to the back, The Fil-Am Flash took a technical approach in an effort to keep Metalik grounded. The two Cruiserweights continued to battle back and forth with Metalik taking control by walking the ropes and executing precisely timed high-flying maneuvers.

The inaugural Cruiserweight Champion remained in the fight, countering a Metalik driver, but TJP soon found his own maneuver reversed into a pinfall, giving Metalik the victory. For the second week in a row, TJP was left flabbergasted by a loss to Gran Metalik, and his illustrious comeback was yet again derailed.

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