Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann def. Ariya Daivari & Noam Dar

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 21, 2017

With WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore watching at ringside, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari square off against Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander in thrilling tag team action.

Fired up from Tony Nese’s victory, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore accompanied Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar to the ring, determined to see them defeat Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann. Not easily intimidated, Alexander and Swann didn’t let Enzo distract them as the match got underway.

Early in the contest, neither tag team maintained an advantage, as Swann and Alexander relied on their speed while Daivari and Dar used aggressive counters to stop any momentum. One such counter that Dar implemented to stop Alexander was enough for “The Zo Train” members to unleash on him in their corner and away from Swann. Delighted, The Certified G continue to encourage his allies as they dismantled Alexander.

Channeling his notable resilience, Alexander battled back, taking down both Dar and Daivari before tagging in Swann. Well-rested and ready for a fight, Swann relentlessly charged forward, taking down The Persian Lion and ascending the ropes, prepared for a high-risk Phoenix Splash. Unfortunately, before he could launch, The Realest Champ in the Room pulled Swann off the top as Dar distracted the official.

Daivari was unable to capitalize, leaving an irate Enzo to demand Dar be tagged in. The Scottish Supernova was also unable to regain control, and The Certified G desperately distracted the official as Swann attempted a pinfall. This prompted Alexander to grab the WWE Cruiserweight Champion – taking out Daivari in the process. Saving Enzo, Dar dropkick Alexander, but that allowed Swann to strike with a kick and a successful Phoenix Splash for the win.

Immediately after the victory, Enzo and Daivari pounced, unloading on Swann and Alexander. As Akira Tozawa and Mustafa Ali rushed to aid Swann and Alexander, they were blindsided by Drew Gulak and Tony Nese. With the WWE Cruiserweight Champion leading the charge, “The Zo Train” proceeded to absolutely decimate their rivals, with Enzo adding an exclamation point with a dive off the top on both Alexander and Swann. Laying waste to his rivals, Enzo only had one question, “How you doin?”

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