Kalisto def. Drew Gulak

Kalisto vs. Drew Gulak: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 14, 2017

With WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore lurking at ringside, Kalisto celebrates his birthday by battling Drew Gulak, and The King of flight silences The Certified G by dumping a birthday cake on him after the match!

Before the main event got underway, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore showed off the birthday decorations he had prepared at ringside for his Survivor Series opponent, Kalisto. Despite not having any presents for the former Cruiserweight Champion, The Certified G had his ally, Drew Gulak, ready to soften the masked Superstar for their match on Sunday.

Gulak had one goal for the match: ruin Kalisto’s birthday. Following an early exchange, Gulak took control outside the ring with The Realest Champ in the Room shouting encouragement. Using a combination of rage, strength and uncanny technical ability, Gulak methodically dismantled his opponent, much to the delight of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Being careful not to destroy the cake at ringside, Gulak tried to force Kalisto to submit back inside the ring. The former Cruiserweight Champion managed to escape, catching a second wind and forcing Gulak to play defense. As they battled back and forth, Kalisto lined up his opponent for a high-flying move, only to be taken out by Enzo.

With The King of Flight reeling, Gulak broke out into singing “Happy Birthday” to his opponent. This gave the former champion ample time to recover and execute the incredible Salida del Sol for the win.

The Certified G wasted no time attacking his Survivor Series opponent following the victory. Despite being outnumbered, Kalisto fought back, forcing Enzo to flee to the locker room. The masked Superstar gave chase. Following a brief interview, The Realest Champ in the Room turned his attention to Kalisto’s second birthday cake, only to be driven into it face-first by his Survivor Series challenger, who laid a beating on The Certified G as 205 Live concluded.

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