Cedric Alexander & Mark Andrews def. James Drake & Joseph Conners

Cedric Alexander & Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners & James Drake: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 7, 2017

Cedric Alexander and Mark Andrews team up form an international high-flying duo to take on James Drake and Joseph Conners in thrilling tag team action.

Two of WWE’s most incredible athletes – Cedric Alexander and Mark Andrews – teamed up to battle the duo of James Drake and the hard-hitting Joseph Conners. Andrews started the match squaring off with Conners and had to rely on his agility and high-flying abilities to keep the much-larger Conners at bay.

After Andrews tagged in his partner, it took Alexander a few moments to calibrate his bearings against his aggressive opponents. After analyzing what he was up against, Alexander took control of the battle, relying on his speed and athletic prowess to take control.

Back in the thick of the action, Andrews struggled to mount an effective offense against Drake and Conners, who took turns dismantling their opponent. Showing off his resilience and fighting spirit, Andrews battled back and tagged Alexander back into the contest. Quickly regaining control of the bout, Alexander used his incredible speed to tag in his partner, unbeknownst to his opponents. With the stage set for him, Andrews ascended to the top rope and landed an incredible Shooting Star Press for the 1-2-3.

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