Drew Gulak def. Gran Metalik

Gran Metalik vs. Drew Gulak: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 24, 2017

Continuing his PowerPoint presentation for a better 205 Live, Drew Gulak is interrupted by his opponent, Gran Metalik. After claiming victory, Gulak prepares to unleash more punishment on Metalik before his nemesis, Akira Tozawa, forces him to flee.

Before battling Gran Metalik, Drew Gulak took issue with the fact that his PowerPoint presentation for a better WWE 205 Live was removed from the WWE TLC Kickoff. Believing that his cause is righteous – and citing his attack on Akira Tozawa as evidence – Gulak decided to hold a protest. Aiming to prevent any more matches from taking place, Gulak decided to restart his PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately for Gulak, Gran Metalik interrupted and made his way to the ring, ready for action.

As the contest got underway, an irate Gulak warned Gran Metalik to stay on the ground before they engaged in a technical showcase. Proving he could match with Gulak’s more conservative offense, Metalik showed off his technical prowess before transitioning to his more familiar lucha style.

Metalik took to the skies with flips and jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers that flew in the face of Gulak’s campaign for a better WWE 205 Live. Regaining his bearings, Gulak managed to knock his opponent off the top rope before working to keep Metalik down. Eventually, Gulak countered a potential maneuver from his opponent into a Dragon Sleeper, forcing Metalik to tap out.

After the match, Gulak prepared to attack Metalik’s ankle. Fortunately for the lucha sensation, Akira Tozawa stormed the ring, landed a few shots on Gulak and chased off his nemesis.

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