Cedric Alexander and Gentleman Jack Gallagher finally collide

Cedric Alexander vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 12, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher shocks the WWE Universe by interrupting Cedric Alexander's battle with The Brian Kendrick and forging an alliance with his former arch nemesis, The Man with a Plan.

After weeks of being ridiculed and attacked by The Brian Kendrick, something changed inside Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Early last month, he interrupted a contest between Kendrick and Cedric Alexander, shockingly attacking Alexander and extending a hand to The Man with a Plan. That bond was strengthened a week later when Gallagher once again attacked Alexander and seemingly confirmed his new allegiance with his former nemesis.

The Man with a Plan no doubt accomplished his goal of unleashing Gallagher’s darker side. Beyond the three-piece suit, umbrella and moustache is a fighter, and Alexander was introduced to that side of the British Superstar first-hand.

Tonight on WWE 205 Live, Alexander seeks retribution for Gallagher’s attacks, and he will use his incredible in-ring agility to match Gallagher’s aggressive and unorthodox style. However, Alexander will certainly have to keep an eye out for The Brian Kendrick.

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