Rich Swann def. TJP

Rich Swann vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 12, 2017

Rich Swann and TJP battle in their highly-anticipated rubber match to determine ultimate bragging rights in their friendly competition.

Sin City was the perfect venue for the highly-anticipated rubber match between Rich Swann and TJP. The stakes were high and it was winner-take-all for bragging rights in their epic rivalry that has been both friendly and highly-competitive. With TJP showing no signs of his previous knee injury and both competitors confident as the opening bell rang, the time for talk was over.

The familiarity between the Superstars was on display as the match got underway, but Swann enjoyed an early advantage by keeping the agile Duke of Dab grounded. As TJP battled back, Swann answered with fast-paced counters and an incredible high-risk maneuver to the outside. TJP struggled to mount any effective offense, eventually kicking Swann off the ropes to finally take control.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champions battled back and forth, with The Fil-Am Flam doing his best to methodically dismantle his rival. TJP’s effort was helped along after Swann’s shoulder took the brunt of a backdrop, as he focused on his opponent’s shoulder. The resilient Swann powered through the hold, leading to another breath-taking and fast-paced sequence between the two competitors.

Exhausted, Swann and TJP struggled to inflict enough damage to secure victory. Preparing Swann for a third attempt at his patented kneebar, The Duke of Dab focused on Swann’s knee, but a brief reprieve allowed the Baltimore-native to bounce back, taking the fight to TJP. With his opponent out on the mat, Swann seized the opportunity to ascend the ropes and deliver the jaw-dropping Phoenix Splash for the win.

After the match, a distraught TJP reluctantly shook his friend’s hand, bitterly accepting defeat.

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