The Brian Kendrick def. Mustafa Ali via disqualification

Mustafa Ali vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 15, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher interrupts the match between Mustafa Ali and The Brian Kendrick, viciously attacking The Man with a Plan.

As The Brian Kendrick made his way to the ring to face Mustafa Ali, he looked weary and kept peaking over his shoulder, around the arena and even under the ring. The brutal attacks by Gentleman Jack Gallagher in recent weeks had seemingly taken its toll on Kendrick’s psyche, and his demeanor was visibly shaken. However, after a verbal altercation earlier in the evening, Kendrick accepted a challenge from Ali.

Despite accepting the match, Kendrick was clearly shaken as the contest got underway. He was hesitant to strike and seemed to be a shell of himself as a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. The Man with a Plan struggled to mount any offense, and in the moments he did, his follow-ups were weak. Ali seized the opportunity to show what he was capable of inside the ring. Ali was also able to show his resilience after being dropped face-first onto the turnbuckle and breaking free of the Captain’s Hook.

Following the application of his signature hold, Kendrick seemed more focused and attacked his opponent on the outside. As Kendrick prepared to strike Ali’s leg against the steel steps, Gentleman Jack Gallagher attacked and unleashed his fury on his nemesis.

Kendrick managed to escape Gentleman Jack’s wrath by retreating into the crowd, but it was clear that Gallagher was inside Kendrick’s head.

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