Ariya Daivari def. Rich Swann

Ariya Daivari def. Rich Swann

Hoping to rebound after his loss to TJP last week on WWE 205 Live, Rich Swann stepped inside the ring to face Ariya Daivari.

Swann took control with his incredible speed, leaving Daivari reeling until the battle spilled outside the ring. After avoiding a high-risk maneuver from the top, The Persian Lion launched his opponent into the ring apron and was able to slow the pace of the match.

However, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion recovered and struck back, even avoiding a high-flying move, before preparing to secure victory.

As Swann ascended the ropes, TJP suddenly made his way into the arena wearing a knee brace and on crutches. Swann turned his attention to The Duke of Dab – seemingly unaware of the injury – allowing Daivari to capitalize and pick up a huge win.

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