TJP def. Rich Swann

Rich Swann vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 8, 2017

The "friendly" rivalry between Rich Swann and TJP escalates as the former WWE Cruiserweight Champions collide in singles competition.

Taking their friendly rivalry to the next level, TJP and Rich Swann collided in Toronto with both competitors looking to score a major victory.
Of course, both combatants have a years-long friendship and are both former WWE Cruiserweight Champions. The uncanny knowledge of each other inside the ring led to an incredible stalemate in the early moments of the contest, with Swann gaining an edge by taking The Duke of Dab to the outside.

Although Swann enjoyed an early advantage, TJP took control and methodically began to use high-impact strikes and excruciating technical holds to keep Swann on defense. The Duke of Dab was unable to maintain his leverage with Swann fighting back into another brief standoff.

Recovering first, Swann charged forward and used his agility to leave TJP rocked. The Fil-Am Flash remained resilient, rolling out of the way of Swann’s Phoenix Splash. The two former champions continued to battle back and forth, but TJP executed a brutal maneuver by dropping Swann on the turnbuckle and leaving him completely dazed. This allowed The Duke of Dab to execute a vicious Detonation Kick for the win.

After the match, TJP celebrated excessively much to Swann’s chagrin. The Duke of Dab caught up with Swann as they made their way back to the locker room and asked why Swann was so upset, claiming it was all part of their friendly rivalry. An unimpressed Swann simply looked at his friend and told him he was seeing the type of person that TJP really is.

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