Tony Nese & TJP def. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. TJP & Tony Nese: WWE 205 Live, July 25, 2017

In the latest chapter of their "friendly" rivalry, Rich Swann and TJP team up with Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese - respectively - in tag team action.

In the spirit of their “friendly” competition, TJP and Rich Swann chose tag tam partners – Tony Nese and Cedric Alexander, respectively – for a highly competitive battle on WWE 205 Live.

Swann and Nese kicked off the match, but just as he did on his way to the ring, The Premier Athlete wanted to make sure the WWE Universe admired his physique. Of course, Nese backed up his taunts by moving like a Cruiserweight and hitting like a heavyweight. Swann tagged in Alexander, and both Superstars began to dismantle Nese, displaying excellent teamwork.

The Premier Athlete managed to tag TJP, and The Duke of Dab and Alexander engaged in a fast-paced sequence that ended with Swann and Alexander delivering synchronized dives to the outside onto their opponents.

Despite the acrobatics, Nese and TJP recovered and relied on a combination of aggressiveness and teamwork to attack Alexander. Well-aware of Alexander’s speed and resilience, both Nese and The Duke of Dab relied on high-octane strike and technical holds to keep Alexander on the defensive. TJP used the opportunity to taunt Swann, but when Alexander recovered, he tagged in Swann and TJP made it to Nese and the battle raged.

Swann and The Premier Athlete swapped momentum back and forth with incredible counters and jaw-dropping speed. Alexander and TJP re-entered the fray while Nese and Swann continued to duke it out. The Premier Athlete took Swann out of the match by slamming him into the announce table as TJP scored a near-fall.

Inside the ring, TJP and Cedric continued to display the high-octane competitiveness of the Cruiserweight division. However, as Alexander ascended the ropes while the official checked on TJP’s condition, Nese pushed Alexander from the top, allowing TJP to score the pinfall.

After the match, a victorious TJP made sure Swann knew he once again claimed a victory in their “friendly” competition.

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