"Friendly" tag team competition

TJP beats Mario Connors faster than Rich Swann: WWE 205 Live, July 11, 2017

After watching Rich Swann defeat Mario Connors in singles action, TJP issued a challenge to prove he could beat Connors faster than Swann.

Last week on WWE 205 Live, TJP decided to up the ante in his friendly competition with Rich Swann. After Swann’s victory against The Duke of Dab, TJP bested his friendly rival's time against a local competitor, and now The Fil-Am Flash claimed that it's Swann - not the WWE Universe - questioning his motives. Expanding on his assertion, TJP suggested that Swann hates coming in second to him and he's still bitter about being eliminated from the Cruiserweight Classic by The Duke of Dab. With that, TJP issued another challenge to his friendly rival: find a tag team partner.

Swann obliged, and on Raw it was revealed that he and Cedric Alexander would battle TJP and "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese on WWE 205 Live. Alexander is a logical choice for Swann, as the two are good friends and Alexander brings an exemplary Cruiserweight style to the ring that complements Swann's ability. TJP's choice of Tony Nese is interesting, as he gets a formidable competitor that mixes speed and pure strength. His in-ring style is in stark contrast to TJP, but that could be exactly what The Duke of Dab is counting on to rack up another "friendly" victory against Rich Swann.

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