Gentleman Jack Gallagher confronted The Brian Kendrick

The Brian Kendrick mocks Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, July 11, 2017

Calling him a "third-rate William Regal," The Brian Kendrick mocked Gentleman Jack Gallagher, prompting the British Superstar to confront The Man With a Plan.

Once again making Gentleman Jack Gallagher the focus of his attention, The Brian Kendrick made his way to the ring wearing a three-piece brown suit, red wig and moustache, mocking the British Superstar. Kendrick proceeded to berate Gentleman Jack by calling him a fraud, believing that Gallagher is a slap in the face to the competitors who dream of competing in WWE.

The verbal abuse was soon interrupted by Gentleman Jack himself, as he made his way to the ring and confronted The Man with a Plan. Gallagher defended not only his honor – explaining he has been competing since a young age – but named the people he fights for, giving an impassioned defense and countering Kendrick’s “third-rate William Regal” insult by calling himself a “first-rate Gentleman Jack Gallagher.”

After a brief physical exchange that ended with a headbutt delivered by Gallagher, Kendrick reached for his umbrella as his rival did the same. The Man with a Plan struck first and mercilessly attacked the British Superstar with both umbrellas until officials could intervene.

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