Rich Swann def. TJP

Rich Swann vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, July 4, 2017

In a battle requested by TJP, The Duke of Dab faces Rich Swann to prove that he is still the same Superstar that won the Cruiserweight Classic and was the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Longtime friends and former WWE Cruiserweight Champions Rich Swann and TJP squared off in a bout that Swann referred to as “friendly competition.” Hoping that he could help TJP reclaim the same glory and in-ring attitude that helped him win the WWE Cruiserweight Classic last year, Swann didn’t want The Duke of Dab to hold back.

When the opening bell sounded, Swann certainly got his wish as both Superstars engaged in a fast-paced and action-packed sequence of strikes and holds that epitomize the uniqueness of the Cruiserweight division. Despite an early advantage and near-falls by TJP, momentum swung back and forth until the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion managed to toss Swann over the ropes to the outside.

Showing that he was accepting of the spirit of Swann’s friendly competition, TJP did not attack or take advantage of his dazed opponent. Instead, he waited for Swann to recover and return to the ring on his own power. Nevertheless, once his adversary was back inside the ring, The Fil-Am Flash did not relent, but grew frustrated as he was unable to secure victory against Swann’s resilience.

Attempting to apply his patented kneebar, Swann managed to catch his second wind and relied on his pure athleticism to seize momentum and put TJP on the defensive. Following a near-fall, Swann ascended the ropes to execute the Phoenix Splash, but TJP recovered and leveled the playing field.

The two competitors battled toe-to-toe with the WWE Universe cheering them on, eventually taking each other out with devastating kicks. Exhausted, both Superstars continued to give each other all they had. Engaging in a sequence of pinfalls and counters, Swann found the right formula to keep TJP’s shoulders on the mat for the victory.

Although visibly frustrated, TJP shook hands and embraced Swann, displaying the incredible respect they have for one another.

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