Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Tony Nese

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese: WWE 205 Live, July 4, 2017

Looking to rebuild momentum following losses to Tony Nese and The Brian Kendrick, Gentleman Jack Gallagher faces "The Premier Athlete," and The Man with a Plan has a special Fourth of July message for Gallagher.

Two weeks ago on WWE 205 Live, “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese feigned an injury during a battle with Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Taking advantage of his opponent’s sportsmanship, Nese revealed his ruse and secure a pinfall for the win. Last week, The Brian Kendrick returned to WWE 205 Live with his sights set on Gallagher, mocking his appearance and attitude before attacking him with an umbrella.

Seeking a return to the winner’s circle, Gentleman Jack Gallagher challenged “The Premier Athlete” to a rematch, which Nese accepted. Early in the contest, Nese used his raw power to set the tone for the battle, taking a moment to show off his incredible physique in the process. Relying on his unorthodox abilities, Gallagher countered “The Premier Athlete,” leading to an incredible sequence of near-falls and counters that left both Superstars reeling.

Nese was the first to recover and quickly took advantaged of his dazed opponent. Using a combination of his power and speed, “The Premier Athlete” did his best to dismantle Gallagher and applied a unique – and painful – submission hold. With the WWE Universe in his corner, the British Superstar rallied and struck back. In an effort to regain control, Nese attempted a high-flying maneuver and appeared to injure his knee.

Once again attempting to fake an injury, Nese moved in for a final attack. This time, Gallagher was ready and hit his opponent with his patented headbutt before executing a running dropkick for the win. Reveling in his victory, Gallagher’s celebration was cut short when The Brian Kendrick appeared on the TitanTron. Delivering an Independence Day history lesson, Kendrick made it clear that he would not rest until he freed WWE 205 Live of Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

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