Is The Brian Kendrick a friend or foe to Akira Tozawa?

Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak: Raw, Feb. 6, 2017

In his Raw debut, Akira Tozawa battles the formidable Drew Gulak in Cruiserweight action.

Last week on WWE 205 Live, Akira Tozawa made his Cruiserweight debut as The Brian Kendrick watched from ringside. After defeating Drew Gulak on Raw Monday night, Tozzawa was confronted by Kendrick after the match. Despite some tension, the former Cruiserweight Champion extended a hand of friendship and congratulated Tozawa on his victory.

What is Kendrick’s motive in his approach to the Japanese Superstar? The Man with a Plan has made it known that he has an animosity toward young Superstars he considers unworthy, but he no doubt seems impressed by Tozawa. Is Kendrick hoping to forge a new alliance and take Tozawa under his wing, or is it all part of a scheme to make the Japanese sensation ultimately regret coming to the Cruiserweight division?


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