Mustafa Ali def. Louie Valle

Mustafa Ali vs. Louie Valle: WWE 205 Live, June 6, 2017

Seeking to rebound following a loss to TJP on Raw, Mustafa Ali battles Louie Valle, only to be interrupted by Drew Gulak.

Seeking to rebound from a loss against Drew Gulak last week on WWE 205 Live and TJP on Raw, Mustafa Ali battled Louie Valle on WWE 205 Live. Looking to make a name for himself on WWE 205 Live, Valle displayed technical abilities that would make Drew Gulak proud. Despite aggressiveness from Valle, Ali relied on his agility and fast-paced in-ring style to keep the contest competitive.

However, as Ali prepared to execute his patented Inverted 450 Splash on the path to victory, Drew Gulak suddenly made his way to the ring with a bullhorn, continuing his campaign to end high-flying in the Cruiserweight division. Though the distraction nearly cost Ali the match, he countered Valle’s attempt to score a quick pinfall with one of his own.

The victory only intensified Gulak’s heckling, and as he got closer to the ring, Ali dove over the ropes and landed on top nemesis, finally silencing him.

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