Neville put an end to Austin Aries’ gloating

Neville responds to Austin Aries making him tap out: WWE 205 Live, May 30, 2017

After making Neville tap out on Raw, Austin Aries replays the footage for the WWE Universe until The King of the Cruiserweights responds with an excruciating message.

After making WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville tap out on Raw – less than a week from their Submission Match for the title at WWE Extreme Rules – Austin Aries took the opportunity to relish his victory with the WWE Universe by replaying the moment on Raw numerous times.

The King of the Cruiserweights didn’t take kindly to Aries’ gloating and confronted his arch-nemesis. With A-Double distracted, TJP attacked, allowing Neville to apply The Rings of Saturn to send a clear message before WWE Extreme Rules.

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