Will Drew Gulak confront Mustafa Ali?

Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese: WWE 205 Live, May 9, 2017

Following a string of losses thanks to Drew Gulak's "no high-flying" campaign, Mustafa Ali doubles down on his high-risk arsenal against Tony Nese.

After weeks of protesting the high-flying nature of the Cruiserweight division —specifically targeting Mustafa Ali — Drew Gulak found vindication in his campaign by countering a high-risk maneuver and defeating Ali in singles competition.

The loss clearly bothered Ali as he squared off with Tony Nese last week. Struggling to gain momentum against the powerful and agile Premier Athlete, Ali was attempting to utilize a more conservative strategy, much to the delight of an observing Gulak. However, as the battle raged on and Ali was taking more punishment than he dished out, he shifted course and began to rely on his aerial arsenal.

Watching from the locker room, Gulak couldn’t believe that Ali would have the audacity to do what he does best, but the strategy paid dividends for Ali as he picked up the victory. How will Gulak respond to Ali? Will he make the high-flying competitor once again regret taking risks?

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