A title opportunity for TJP?

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. TJP: Raw, May 8, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher takes on the "scoundrel" TJP in Cruiserweight action.

On Raw, TJP confronted his ally – WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville – and expressed his desire for a title opportunity against the King of the Cruiserweights. TJP explained that he held up his end of the bargain by removing Austin Aries from contention, so it was now Neville’s time to honor their deal. For his part, The King of the Cruiserweights didn’t take too kindly to the demands, but the calculating Cruiserweight Champion told The Duke of Dab that if he wanted an opportunity, he would have to defeat Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Shortly thereafter, TJP did exactly that. In a hard-fought contest, the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion defeated Gallagher, but Neville remained coy about whether he’d honor his commitment. In a display of his aggression and desire to sideline any competition, TJP attacked Gallagher after the match, until Austin Aries came to the British Superstar’s aid.

Will Neville grant TJP his Cruiserweight Championship opportunity, or will The King of the Cruiserweights claim that Aries is not yet out of the picture? Can the alliance between Neville and TJP last? Find out tonight on WWE 205 Live at 10/9 C, on the award-winning WWE Network.

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