Gentleman Jack Gallagher toasted Austin Aries

Gentleman Jack Gallagher toasts Austin Aries: WWE 205 Live, May 9, 2017

After Austin Aries saved Gentleman Jack Gallagher from a post-match attack on Raw, the British Superstar holds a toast for A-Double in London.

Austin Aries saved Gentleman Jack Gallagher from certain injury at the hands of TJP on Raw. In return, to express his gratitude toward Aries, Gallagher held a toast in A-Double’s honor on WWE 205 Live. The British gentleman told his guest that he would ensure that Aries made it to his next championship opportunity in one piece before presenting A-Double with an English lager.

The toast was short-lived, however, as WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville soon made his way to the ring to berate Aries, Gallagher and the WWE Universe in London. Distracted by the champion’s rant, Aries was attacked by TJP and an all-out brawl quickly ensued. The alliance between Neville and TJP still strong, the duo attempted to lay waste to their adversaries.

However, throwing caution to the wind – injured knee and all – Aries turned the tables, allowing himself and Gallagher to repel The King of the Cruiserweights and The Duke of Dab. In celebration, Gallagher retrieved two new beverages and completed the toast.

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