Will Mustafa Ali listen to Drew Gulak?

Mustafa Ali vs Ariya Daivari: WWE 205 Live, April 18, 2017

In the midst of a fast-paced battle between Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak emerges with a new chant.

After suffering a string of losses on WWE 205 Live, Drew Gulak decided it was time for a change. Donning a suit and tie, Gulak has taken it upon himself to encourage fellow Cruiserweights — namely Mustafa Ali — to exercise more caution in the ring and usher in more conservative in-ring contests. Of course, Ali has proven to be one of the most exciting competitors in the Cruiserweight division with his high-flying ability and almost superhuman agility. 

Gulak has remained persistent in targeting Ali to begin his wishful new era of WWE 205 Live. For his part, Ali has continued to do what he does best and win the support of the WWE Universe. Taking more direct action last week, Gulak distracted Ali during a battle with Ariya Daivari with chants of "I'm not lying, no high-flying," allowing The Persian Lion to steal a victory.

Was Drew Gulak's interference last week enough to convince Mustafa Ali to change his tactics, or will the high-flyer take even more risks to prove a point?

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