Rich Swann def. Johnny Ocean

Rich Swann vs. Johnny Ocean: WWE 205 Live, April 11, 2017

Rich Swann squares off with local competitor Johnny Ocean before Noam Dar returns from injury to confront Swann about the gifts being sent to Alicia Fox.

Looking to make a name for himself, local competitor Johnny Ocean immediately took the fight to Rich Swann, displaying an incredible level of aggression. The Boston crowd reveled in Ocean’s enthusiasm, but rose to their feet as Swann regained control of the battle and knocked his opponent to the mat. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion then secured the win with a jaw-dropping Phoenix Splash.

Following Swann’s victory, Noam Dar returned to WWE 205 Live to confront Swann about his claims that he was the one sending gifts to Alicia Fox. As The Scottish Supernova and Swann argued, Fox made her way to the ring, reaffirming her belief that the presents were from her beau, not Swann.

When a courier arrived to deliver yet another gift, Dar was insistent that he deliver it to his leading lady. When Fox opened it – with Dar clearly not knowing what was inside – she was hit in the face with white powder. The Scottish Supernova tended to his irate girlfriend as Swann gleefully left the arena.

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