The Brian Kendrick def. Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, March 28, 2017

After weeks of lessons, Akira Tozawa finally goes one-on-one with his nemesis, The Brian Kendrick.

In their first meeting last month, The Brian Kendrick turned the match into a lesson after tying Akira Tozawa’s leg to the ring apron to score a count-out victory. Since then, Kendrick has used his lessons to attack and frustrate Tozawa while outright avoiding another match with The Stamina Monster. Intent on putting an end the saga, Tozawa showed up to WWE 205 Live ready to teach The Man with a Plan a lesson of his own.

The moment the opening bell sounded, Tozawa knocked Kendrick from the ring and engaged in a relentless, aggressive offense that left Kendrick reeling. The Man with a Plan attempted to strike back, but The Stamina Monster was nearly unstoppable. Finally, Kendrick got the reprieve he needed when he executed a drop toe hold face first into the entrance ramp.

Displaying his resilience, Tozawa endured Kendrick’s brutal attacks and submission attempts, building support from the WWE Universe inside the Richmond Coliseum. Tozawa continued to survive near-falls and additional submission attempts, leaving Kendrick with few pathways to victory.

Preparing to put away The Man with a Plan for good, Tozawa charged forward, not seeing that Kendrick removed a turnbuckle cover. The Stamina Monster ran full steam into the exposed steel, allowing Kendrick to score the pinfall.

Following the intense battle, Kendrick delivered another lesson to Tozawa – anything and everything can be used as a weapon.


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