Kendrick teaches Tozawa another lesson

The Brian Kendrick teaches Akira Tozawa another lesson: WWE 205 Live: Feb. 28, 2017

Interrupting Akira Tozawa's interview with Austin Aries, The Brian Kendrick takes the opportunity to berate the Japanese Superstar and offer some advice.

Austin Aries welcomed Akira Tozawa to the ring in order to discuss the Japanese Superstar’s intensifying rivalry with The Brian Kendrick. Tozawa explained that despite Kendrick’s offers of mentorship, The Stamina Monster wants to make it on his own. When asked about his feelings in regard to the lessons Kendrick hopes to teach, Tozawa responded by pumping himself up and getting ready for a fight.

This prompted Kendrick to enter the arena, but not the ring to confront Tozawa. Instead, The Man with a Plan asked his prospective pupil a series of questions – the answers to which Kendrick interrupted. Infuriated, Tozawa yelled at his nemesis in Japanese and demanded a fight. However, The Man with a Plan turned the incident into another lesson, telling Tozawa he needs to finish his interviews and speak English when talking to Kendrick.


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