Cedric Alexander defends Alicia Fox’s honor against Noam Dar

Alicia Fox kisses Noam Dar: Raw, Jan. 9, 2017

Alicia Fox plants one on Noam Dar's lips, but it's not exactly what the creepy Cruiserweight had hoped for.

For weeks, Noam Dar has been courting Cedric Alexander’s girlfriend, Alicia Fox. The Scottish Supernova has been more focused on winning the former Divas Champion’s heart than on winning matches. However, Alexander has also struggled inside the squared circle and it has caused a rift between the couple, suggesting the blame is on their relationship.

Perhaps it’s all part of Dar’s mind games. On Raw, Dar continued his advances toward Alicia, but she seemingly turned the tables by dipping the Scottish Superstar and kissing him on the lips. Although Alicia let Dar know he “couldn’t handle a real woman,” he seemed more elated that overwhelmed.

Tonight on WWE 205 Live, Alexander will finally have a chance to silence his nemesis for good and defend his girlfriend’s honor as he battles The Scottish Supernova in singles competition.


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