Mustafa Ali def. Noam Dar

Mustafa Ali def. Noam Dar

Looking to build on the positivity of his victory in his hometown of Chicago last week, Mustafa Ali faced Noam Dar in a highly competitive match.

Dar and Ali put on a clinic of speed and agility on WWE 205 Live. However, “The Scottish Supernova” gained an advantage in the contest, targeting Ali’s arm and effectively focusing his offense. Displaying a great deal of resilience, Ali battled through the pain and relied on his speed to stop Dar’s momentum. The back and forth contest continued as Dar maintained his attacks on Ali’s arm. Charging at his opponent, Dar was taken down with a kick to the jaw, followed by a gravity-defying Inverted 450 Splash executed by Ali for the win.

Although defeated, in a post-match interview Dar didn’t seem to be fazed by the loss. Instead, he remained focused on winning the heart of Cedric Alexander’s girlfriend, Alicia Fox.


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