Neville & The Brian Kendrick def. Rich Swann & TJ Perkins

Rich Swann & TJ Perkins vs. Neville & The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Dec. 20, 2016

Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann joins forces with his friend TJ Perkins to battle the nefarious alliance of Neville and The Brian Kendrick.

Neville made a shocking return at Roadblock: End of the Line and dismantled Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann and TJ Perkins, putting the entire Cruiserweight division on notice. Proclaiming himself the king of cruiserweights, Neville again attacked Swann and Perkins on Raw, this time with the support of The Brian Kendrick. This of course led to the tag team match on WWE 205 Live, a perfect opportunity for Neville to show off his abilities alongside the current and two former Cruiserweight Champions.

The Man that Gravity Forgot wasted no time displaying his new and ruthless in-ring style at the expense of the Cruiserweight Champion. However, TJ Perkins managed to change the tide of the match against both Neville and Kendrick.

Although Neville and Kendrick dominated early in the contest, the Cruiserweight Champion and TJP  kept the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats with a competitive battle. Unfortunately for Swann and Perkins, it was not enough and Neville’s unbridled aggression proved to be the deciding factor in the match, finishing off Perkins with a Red Arrow.


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