Edge of the ladder


HOLLYWOOD -- It was a grueling, brutal climb, but when it was over, Edge found himself sitting not only on top of the ladder, but also atop a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. "I think tonight Edge proved he's money in the bank," he said with a smile.

At first it seemed that the winner of the first-ever, six-man "Money in the Bank" ladder match was going to be crowd-favorite Chris Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine was almost atop the ladder when he was undone by a wicked chair shot by Edge. "Some might say that it's illegal to use a chair in a Ladder Match," Edge observed. "So what?

"I was the hungriest man in that ring," he went on, "and I also proved I was the smartest." Of course, some may take issue with Edge's bending of the rules, but he says let them. "The rules go out the window as soon as I walk out the curtain," he said simply. 

Now, with a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship that he can use whenever he wishes within the next 12 months, Edge is sitting pretty. But, he maintains, it's all part of the plan. "My plans have always been pretty simple," he said, growing intense. "I want the World Heavyweight Championship and I won't stop until I get it. And if that means breaking Chris Benoit's arm with a chair, I'll do it. If that means going through five other guys in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania, I'll do it."

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