Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

This past April, The Show of Shows came and went. The epic and historic night turned quietly to dawn. For many in the WWE Universe, WrestleMania Week was somewhat of a blur, as the New York/New Jersey area was transformed into one giant theater to play host to The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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Nearly four months later and the WWE Universe is still buzzing — not only from the momentous events of that evening, but also from the tremendous fallout that spun out of The Show of Shows.

With The Showcase of the Immortals now firmly in the rear view mirror, WWE.com presents its five favorite moments from WrestleMania 29 in anticipation of The World Television Premiere on NBC this Saturday at 9/8 CT.

The greatest upset in WrestleMania history

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

At WrestleMania 29, a dancer made his debut on The Grandest Stage of Them All and waltzed out victorious, dropping a true legend of the squared circle and leaving the WWE Universe — and Chris Jericho — stunned.

Fandango’s in-ring debut and victory over six-time World Champion Y2J is, simply put, the biggest upset in the storied history of WrestleMania.

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Making one’s Show of Shows debut is one thing — a momentous occasion for any Superstar — but to have your first-ever match at WrestleMania is something else entirely. To win that match? Almost unthinkable.

And yet that’s exactly what happened at MetLife Stadium, when the flashy, dancing Fandango finally got into the ring and displayed an impressive repertoire to leave Jericho staring up at the recreated New York City skyline.

Diddy rocks WrestleMania

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

Part of what makes WrestleMania unlike any other spectacle in entertainment is the diversity of the show. From all-out brawls between the world's finest athletes to appearances by world-class celebrities, there’s simply nothing like The Showcase of the Immortals.

Throw in a showstopping performance by Sean “Diddy” Combs, and you have a bona fide pop culture mega-event.

Dedicating his set to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Diddy launched into a high-octane medley of his songs “Victory,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “It’s All About the Benjamins” and “Coming Home.” The crowd was on its feet from the moment the mogul came up through the floor of the ramp, and was still buzzing long after the bass of his beats had reverberated through MetLife Stadium.

HBK tunes up the band

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

There were many lessons to be learned from the big event, not the least of which is the following: We all need a little help from our friends.

Triple H, as it turned out, is no exception, as his best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, had the best seat in the house for The Game’s No Holds Barred brawl against The Anomaly, Brock Lesnar.

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Like being on the 50-yard line of a Super Bowl battle, the hits delivered during the brutal encounter between The Anomaly and The Cerebral Assassin could be heard 10 rows back. Perhaps the most resounding sound, however, came when HBK’s right foot connected squarely with the jowl of Lesnar’s mouthpiece and professional instigator, Paul Heyman. In this case, the sound of Heyman’s silence was deafening, as the WWE Universe inside MetLife Stadium erupted as the mind behind ECW came crashing down to the mat.

CM Punk goes “Old School”

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

Everyone knows the story that led up to the confrontation between WWE’s legendary Deadman and CM Punk at The Showcase of the Immortals. The build-up truly was the stuff of legend and a sacred artifact was stolen away in the night. But Punk’s thievery didn’t end with the urn in his quest to snap The Undertaker’s mythical WrestleMania Streak. 

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The tattooed villain and The Phenom exchanged blows and countered moves and kept the New Jersey crowd on edge for the duration of the battle. But as Punk ascended to the top ropes with The Deadman’s arm locked and ready to the deliver “Old School” to the move’s originator, the crowd rose with him. They remained standing until the bell sounded again and stayed on their feet when a familiar gong echoed throughout the stadium, signaling the exit of a living legend with the greatest streak in the history of sports-entertainment still intact.

The MetLife Stadium crowd reacts to Rock vs. Cena

Our 5 favorite moments from WrestleMania 29

Few matches in WWE history have elicited such a response from a crowd as The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

From the moment Cena entered MetLife Stadium to square off against WWE Champion The Rock in the historic main event, the Cenation leader was met by a wall of sound. Emphatic boos from one corner of the stadium bounced off equally ardent cheers from another — every move Cena made creating a whirlwind of emotion.

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In the match’s  final flurry of counterstrikes and near-falls, the visceral reaction from WWE fans of all ages differed, literally, person to person. When Cena kicked out of a thundering Rock Bottom, a father put his hands on his head and screamed, “No!” while next to him, his son — wearing Cena’s colors — leaped to his feet and flashed his hero’s trademark “You can’t see me” hand gesture to his still-reeling dad.

That moment was repeated countless times, between thousands of fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, and mothers and daughters; a true microcosm of the feeling stirred up by a timeless bout. Cena and The Rock arguably shared one of WrestleMania’s grandest one-on-one main events with a third participant: the WWE Universe.

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