WrestleMania 29 set mastermind details facts and stats

WrestleMania 29 set mastermind details facts and stats

Creating the WrestleMania 29 set: WWE.com Exclusive, April 7, 2013

Check out the special time lapse video featuring the construction of the impressive WrestleMania 29 set.

Jaws dropped at 4:30 p.m. inside MetLife Stadium as the doors of WrestleMania 29 opened and droves of WWE fans were greeted by a 67-foot Lady Liberty and an elaborate set influenced by N.Y. and N.J. icons.

Hours before a spectacular fireworks display from atop a recreated Brooklyn Bridge kicked off The Show of Shows, set designer Jason Robinson gave WWE.com both facts and stats on perhaps the most remarkably crafted grand stage in WrestleMania history.

Watch Mr. McMahon's #BigReveal

A miniature Statue of Liberty (0.42 the scale, to be precise) was the centerpiece soaring above the ring and weighed in at 17,500 pounds, each square inch illuminated by 687 moving lights, more than 5 million LEDs and the flash of 6,000 pieces of pyrotechnics from five locations, including the Brooklyn Bridge.

“To me, my first inspiration was the Brooklyn Bridge,” Robinson explained, as he rushed from ringside for one final backstage meeting. “And the Statue of Liberty is it. It’s the centerpiece for us.”

Robinson expressed his elation for his latest masterpiece, which some first saw Friday night via WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s tweeted “ #BigReveal.”

“Every WrestleMania is fun to design,” he added, “but this one, once I got into the nitty-gritty of making a bridge and making a statue, was amazing for me as a designer.”

He continued, “Our biggest challenge was making sure engineering could accomplish everything we wanted. It has been a labor of love of redrawing and reweighting over the last 60 days to get the engineering specs.”

While a warm homecoming for WrestleMania in the N.Y./N.J. area, the threat of Northeast cold climates and the elements challenged Robinson and the production team to develop a weather-proof experience.

“We always worry about snow, or rain and wind every time you’re outside, but this was the only time we had the ‘if’ of snow because of where we are,” he explained, standing mere feet away from a hall that led to the clear skies and 55-degree air of East Rutherford.

This was the day I wanted,” a relieved Robinson laughed.

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