Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

On Super Bowl Sunday,#WrestleManiaisbetterthanSuperBowl trended worldwide on Twitter. explores five reasons that this may not be so much of an opinion, as an undeniable fact.

1. The stakes just make more sense

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

At the Super Bowl, two teams leave everything on the field battle, all to take possession of a trophy and ring that are frankly impractical. While no doubt a prestigious prize, the winners can’t simply strap the Vince Lombardi Trophy around their waist. Its way too heavy to be carried around daily, allowing them to show their greatness. Not to mention that there is only one trophy for an entire group of guys who, let’s face it, probably have a pretty hard time sharing.

While it’s true a player can bring a ring with them and, we suppose, they can hoist it high in the air whenever they want to show they’re a champion, the reality is that people are going to have to squint to see it. Plus, it can’t be any fun to have that ring on one’s figure if he develops a pinched nerve or carpal tunnel or something.

At WrestleMania, on the other hand, several championships are contested — including in most cases the illustrious WWE, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and United States Titles. These are big, beautiful-looking symbols of golden excellence that not only mirror the greatness of the warrior who wears it, but also fit easily in most overhead storage bins.

And since we are talking about titles, it’s worth mentioning that at WrestleMania, the current champion is always involved when he is dethroned by a would-be challenger. How many New York Giants fans would have preferred to see their team get the change to defend their title reign against the Baltimore Ravens rather than just watching it sail away?

2. A blackout is actually a good thing

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

When the lights suddenly went out on this year’s Super Bowl, what followed were cries of technical difficulties, hastily written apologies from the NFL and a change in momentum that nearly cost the Baltimore Ravens the game.

When the lights go out at The Showcase of the Immortals, though, that usually means The Undertaker’s streak is about to be contested. The winning Super Bowl records of dynasties like Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas and New England pale in comparison to The Phenom’s legendary 20-0 record at The Showcase of the Immortals. Translation, the darkness is nothing more than the prelude to another great WrestleMania moment.

3. Backstage access trumps overhyped commercials

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

A 30-second commercial at the Super Bowl costs millions of dollars. Perhaps because of the importance placed on these game-break extravaganzas, there will inevitably be people at your Super Bowl party who can’t help sharing that, “… [They] don’t even care about the game; [they’re] just interested in the commercials.” But in reality, when was the last time more than one or two of those commercials were even any good?

At WrestleMania, though, the action is nonstop. When a match comes to an end, you don’t immediately cut to the latest pop sensation, dancing with a soft drink that probably never even touched her lips from fear that she wouldn’t be able to stay in the shape to, you know, dance.

Instead, you get exclusive access behind the curtain, finding out what’s going on with your favorite Superstars and Divas as they prepare to step onto The Grandest Stage of Them All. And with, and now the WWE App, supplementing the action, it knocks the chips right out of the bag.

So what do you like better: a spirited pre-match interview with WWE Champion The Rock or seeing how a Clydesdale can make you cry?

4. For an incompetent referee, the punishment often fits the crime

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

If a Super Bowl referee makes a mistake — say like missing a clear holding call that could have made the difference in the crucial final moments of the game (Editor’s Note: This story may have been written by a 49ers fan) — the fans will scream outrage, the announcers and replays will point the ref’s blunder out to millions, and the press and social media alike will take them to task.

But if a WWE Superstar like Ryback, Big Show or Randy Orton suffers an injustice at the hands of a referee on April 3, that official better run for the hills as fast as they possibly can. That’s because it is not unheard of for WWE’s mistake-prone officials to find themselves immediately receiving physical retribution for their action — the kind of vengeance that would make San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh more than a little jealous.

5. WrestleMania is simply more rewarding for the fans

Five reasons WrestleMania trumps the Super Bowl

A member of the WWE Universe is always going to have more fun than his football counterpart. One simple reason for this is they have a much higher chance of seeing their favorite Superstars compete. This year, popular teams like the New England Patriots, the Green Bay Packers, the Denver Broncos, and the New York Jets and Giants all spent the Super Bowl sitting home, eating a wide variety of wings and chili. While that does sound tasty, it also means fans who like any team other than the 49ers and the Ravens had no one to cheer for other than “the team that beat [their] team” or “didn’t beat [their] team,” one in their same conference, or one with a retiring player or with a movie made about him.

At every WrestleMania, though, you will always get to see your favorite Superstars and Divas competing in the biggest matches of their storied careers.

Moreover, the WWE Universe knows that while WrestleMania is WWE’s best show of the year, it carries with it no huge let down when it’s all over. The action will continue the following night and every week of the year — long after the Super Bowl MVP is off to Disneyland.

To top it off, when someone says that WrestleMania represents a global audience, they aren’t kidding. When a good part of the world hears mention of football, they think of a sport where the players can’t use their hands and the crowds can be more unruly than back in ECW. WrestleMania is seen in no less than 140 countries, making it a truly worldwide phenomenon.           

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