What will come of Theodore Long?

What will come of Theodore Long?

Is Teddy going bye bye?

With Team Johnny reigning supreme at WrestleMania, John Laurinaitis now holds the fate of Theodore Long in his hands. But, WWE.com wonders, what exactly will that mean for the future of the longtime General Manager of SmackDown? ( Photos: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy)

The best way to make sure that your enemy can’t come back stronger is to squish him like a bug in his greatest moment of weakness. So has the WWE Universe seen the last of the smooth-talking Friday night leader?

Will Teddy regroup and return more powerful?

If “Mr. Excitement“ does plan on getting rid of Teddy outright, he should remember that the last time his counterpart’s power was usurped – with Vickie Guererro taking control of SmackDown – the resourceful GM proved capable of treading water. Then, when the opportunity to take the reins of ECW presented itself, he stepped up to the plate. Introducing the WWE to a new series of up-and-coming Superstars as part of his “Superstar Initiative,” Teddy once again climbed into his powerful position on Friday nights. ( Photos: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy)

Will John choose to reassign Teddy to something befitting his talents?

Laurinaitis and Long might not see eye to eye. But, a man of true talent can never be denied. In the course of his career, Teddy has been everything from a Superstar manager to a referee. Will Big Johnny think of the good of the WWE and put his capable foe to work? Perhaps SmackDown’s loss will become the gain of the SmackDown announce team? Or knowing Johnny, maybe the ring assembly team? ( Photos: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy)

Is Teddy going back to basics?

Sometimes in business, when an employee gets in trouble, they are simply retrained and reintroduced to the workforce. So, instead of being finished in the squared circle outright, could the stylin’ administrator, in fact, be transformed into WWE NXT’s next premier Rookie sensation? ( Photos: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy)

Are the consequences of the WrestleMania GM showdown really just an elaborate joke?

Although both General Managers appeared quite serious in their intention to outdo the other at The Show of Shows, one small fact that no one has mentioned is that this year’s WrestleMania took place on April Fool’s Day. So, maybe instead of being a ruthless, power hungry tyrant, Laurinaitis is really just The Grandest Kidder of Then All? If so, will the punch line be revealed on Raw SuperShow, allowing the two authority figures to have one big laugh together?

Anything can happen in the WWE, especially coming out of WrestleMania. With that in mind, perhaps a defeated Teddy is only the beginning of something truly extraordinary. ( Photos: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy)

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