WWE Superstars tweet for a spot on #TeamTeddy and #TeamJohnny

WWE Superstars tweet for a spot on #TeamTeddy and #TeamJohnny

The grassroots campaigning is underway after the WWE Board of Directors decreed that a hand-selected 12-Man Tag Team Match – “Team Teddy” vs. “Team Johnny” – would determine which WWE General Manager would assume control of both Raw and SmackDown at WrestleMania in Miami. And with the big dance only three weeks away and the squads starting to take shape (Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis has selected David Otunga as captain and added former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry on Monday, while SmackDown GM Teddy Long has conscripted Santino Marella and R-Truth), the WWE roster has taken up arms on social media, clamoring for a piece of the action.

The anti-Laurinaitis sentiment seems to be particularly strong within the locker room, as several Superstars have offered up 140-character pitches to Teddy Long to give them a crack at the scheming figurehead of Monday Night Raw. Alex Riley ( @AlexRileyWWE) has offered his services as “a 240lb white boy with a vicious SpineBuster,” while the always spirited Justin Gabriel ( @Justin_Gabriel) spouted out, “ @GMSmackDown hey playa if u need the best high flyer on SD on your team I’m the guy! Let’s take down team @WWERawGM!”

Zack Ryder, meanwhile, certainly qualifies for the most elaborate pitch: finally back on his feet after repeated assaults from Kane, the beleaguered Broski took to YouTube and filmed a special episode of Z! True Long Island Story specifically to get Teddy to sign him. He also amassed his legions of followers and managed to finagle #GetRyderOnTeamTeddy into a worldwide trend early Wednesday morning. Seriously, bro.

The other side of the equation proves just as intriguing, as a batch of disgruntled Superstars (including some SmackDown employees) has thrown its collective weight behind Mr. Excitement in the battle for control of WWE. Drew McIntyre ( @TheDrewMcIntyre), who was fired by Long only to be rehired by Laurinaitis during the GM swap experiment, tweeted his furious support for the Raw GM: “After suspending me, stripping me of my IC title, firing me twice and even deporting me...Teddy your f'n out!! #TeamLaurinaitis”

Jack Swagger ( @RealJackSwagger), who has a bone to pick with Team Teddy captain Santino (The Italian Stallion took the U.S. Title from The All-American American last week), weighed in as well: “One man should run both shows @WWERawGM! #sidepartorriot.” (Yes, Jack Swagger just shouted out Big Johnny and his own haircut in less than 140 characters). And Heath Slater ( @HeathSlaterOMRB) – potentially setting up a match against Gabriel, who was on his team last WrestleMania – delivered a no-nonsense pitch of his own: “there’s only one man that’s good for #teamjohnny and its the one man band himself. make it happen.. #uneedslater”

So the battle lines are drawn, and with the tweet frenzy clearly gaining traction ( Truth earned his spot via a barrage of tweets in Teddy’s direction) and some interesting wild cards left unclaimed, it’s only a matter of time till the WWE Universe sees who claims a side, and who is claimed in return.

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