Kofi wins the trophy

Kofi wins the trophy

HOUSTON - WWE has a brand new THQ Superstar Challenge Champion and his name is Kofi Kingston. The Jamaican Superstar boom-clapped his way through fellow Superstars, Divas and even Legends to become the all-time "Legends of WrestleMania" title holder, live at WrestleMania Axxess.

"I've been playing a little bit and it definitely paid off. It feels good," exclaimed Kingston, the newly established trophy bearer. "It feels great to be champion because there are a lot of gamers here in WWE. I'm on top right now."

Kingston conquered a 16-competitor tournament to earn the video gamer crown, defeating Evan Bourne, Beth Phoenix, The Brian Kendrick and fellow finalist Cody Rhodes in a series of intense rounds. And he did it playing as none other than himself.

The former Intercontinental Champion strategically button-mashed his way through all comers but that didn't keep past THQ Challenge champ Shelton Benjamin from interrupting Kingston's celebration.

An exchange of words quickly evolved into an impromptu challenge and dream match between Kofi and The Gold Standard. In front of frenzied media snapping photos of this increasingly popular event for the WWE Universe and video game fanatics, Kingston bested his rival for bragging rights to boot.

"This whole week has been a great experience," Kingston added, describing his garnered momentum heading into WrestleMania. "[Money in the Bank] is one of the staple matches in WWE history, let alone WrestleMania. The entire week has been momentous. Hopefully it culminates with me winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Sunday."

He continued, "Thanks to all the fans for supporting us and coming out here to watch us play video games and let us have fun."

Unlike any other year of this extraordinary annual event, the 2009 edition focused on THQ's recent release, "Legends of WrestleMania," which celebrates retro in-ring warfare. Appropriately enough, this drew the most notable names of WWE's past, including WWE Hall of Famers Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes and surprise guest Jimmy Hart, as well as host Howard Finkel, just days before his own induction into the Hall.

The illustrious list of competing Legends also included The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, who collided with his own son in the opening round of the tournament.

"It was a lot of fun being in front of the crowd and the fans and in the ring," said the former Million Dollar Champion, just moments after making his "return" to a WWE ring. "What was really good about this was that my body didn't take the beating, my character did."

According to DiBiase, it simply "hurt" losing to his son, the Priceless Raw Superstar, within just minutes of the first round. Though he admitted that the younger DiBiase's relentless competitiveness was a trait passed down.

"I'm really proud of him and what he's done so far," the WWE Legend claimed before his signature reminder. "But, as you know, everybody's got a price for The Million Dollar Man … BAHAHAHA!"

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