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Mall Mania

Mall Mania

BOOOM! Now that's what we call an event! Last year when we were making our way up to WrestleMania 23 in Detroit, we made a stop at the Woodfield Mall in the Chicago area and it was packed. Fans came from all over to see us. This year, we are heading to WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, Fla., and made the same stop at the Woodfield Mall and once again, our fans did not disappoint. It was an amazing weekend for the WrestleMania Fan Axxess Tour. We had thousands of you amazing fans come join us for the weekend. Saturday, the lovely Maria came out to sign her fresh off the press, copies of Playboy along with the amazing Shannon Moore. Then we turned it up a notch with Mick Foley and Candice Michelle on Sunday. Hillbilly Jim, who loves returning to Chicago, was also impressed. "I've never seen so many people at a mall. They were everywhere and it was truly amazing!"

Ladies and gentlemen, we are only three short weeks away from the biggest day in sports-entertainment history! WrestleMania XXIV is on March 30 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla. We at the Fan Axxess Tour want to thank everyone for coming out in huge numbers this weekend in Chicago, and look forward to much of the same in the coming stops of Nashville, Tenn., Miami and of course in Orlando! Don't forget to participate in our Fan Survey at www.fansurvey.wwe.com. Your feedback is important and we definitely appreciate hearing what all of you great fans have to say! Have a great week. I will talk to ya'll from Nashville!

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