Revved for WrestleMania

Revved for WrestleMania

Orange County Choppers and WWE's WrestleMania extravaganza. These two symbols of Americana could be long lost brothers—each loud, proud and knowing how to thrill a crowd.

Like a long overdue family reunion, the staff on TLC's hit show Orange County Choppers has teamed with WWE to create a wrestling fan's ultimate two-wheeled declaration: A custom-built chopper to be given away at the conclusion of WWE's "Custom WrestleMania 24 Chopper Sweepstakes."

"All of us at O.C.C. were excited when approached by WWE to build a custom chopper for their WrestleMania 24 sweepstakes," said Paul Teutel, Sr., owner of Orange County Choppers.

His team's dedication shows. The chopper is one of a kind, highlighting customized paint, an air cleaner featuring the official WWE ringside bell, a primary cover fit with the WWE Championship title, the title's medallions used as mirrors, custom derby cover and spinning WWE rims.

The production and design, worked on by Teutel and his son Paul, Jr., took a month to complete, and was worth every meticulous detail.

"It was a challenge to incorporate all of the aspects of this grand event into a chopper," said Teutel, Sr., "but we believe the fans will be happy with what we've created."

Click here for rules and to enter the "Custom WrestleMania 24 Chopper Sweepstakes." 

*Please note, WWE fans who purchase a new subscription to WWE 24/7 On Demand in March will receive a Limited Edition WrestleMania XXIV Chopper Die-Cast, a one-time production replica of the WrestleMania XXIV Chopper and a great addition to any WWE collection.

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