WWE fan diary entries

WWE fan diary entries

WWE fan diary

WWE fans Bill and Gail Shillinglaw have been watching WWE for more than 40 years combined. The duo has happily agreed to participate in WWE.com's first-ever fan diary to show the sports-entertainment community exactly what WWE fans have access to, when they take advantage of all that WrestleMania has to offer. Following the Shillinglaw's WrestleMania 23 journey is as easy as logging onto WWE.com to read their fan diary entries.

Left Dayton, Ohio at 11 a.m. Stopped off for brunch at Cracker Barrel. We then drove for three hours to Fort Wayne, Ind. We got lost in Lima, Ohio. Checked into the Hilton and made our way to the arena for Smackdown and ECW. Smackdown was real good, Undertaker got the biggest cheers of the night when he came to the ring. ECW show was good - we continued our booing of Lashley and he told us he loved us again. The Extreme Rules Match between ECW Originals and the New Breed was brilliant. When ECW finished, we were really lucky to get a dark match between Undertaker and Batista. Went back to the hotel and chilled out with a few drinks after our week-long tour. We were in the room next to Matt and Jeff Hardy. This is our last blog, and we would like to thank WWE, all our friends involved, and the new friends we made. We'll see you all next year.


A sad day where we said goodbye to a lot of friends. We did the three-hour drive from Detroit to Dayton, Ohio for Monday Night Raw. We were lucky to have front row seats, where we got to continue our booing of John Cena when he came out at the start Raw. We loved the Shawn Michaels double-cross in the Tag Team Battle Royal. We thought Raw was a good show; we got to continue our booing of Lashley and the cheering of Umaga. When Vince tried to hide his bald head with a towel, Lashley took it off him and threw it at us. Rick was lucky enough to catch it. Lashley told us he loved us.
Back to the hotel for a couple of drinks.


We had an early start for the Bagels, Bacon and Biceps Brunch. It was lovely to see Mick Foley give the awards to the Circle of Champions. We then chilled out for a few hours until we were picked up by our limousine. Ten of us were given a two-hour sightseeing tour of Detroit and the surrounding areas. We were then dropped off at Ford Field where we took our front row seats for WrestleMania 23. Ford Field security decided to get into a dispute with us regular WrestleMania attendees, but by the time the show started, they realized we had control of our section. WrestleMania was real good -- the Money in the Bank Ladder Match was awesome. All the participants put their bodies on the line for that match. We were really happy to see Mr. Kennedy win. The most amazing spectacle of the night was Undertaker's entrance. When Undertaker won the title, the roof blew off Ford Field. The Hair vs. Hair match was great -- we booed Lashley. At the end of the match, Lashley blew Gail a kiss. Cena retaining the WWE Championship was a major disappointment for Gail, Bill and Rick, so we are off to the bar to drown our sorrows. We are getting ready to boo Cena again tomorrow night. Gail has officially lost her voice.


We had an early start, with a 9 a.m. autograph session, which was part of our WrestleMania package. We first met Todd Grisham, then moved onto the main table, where we were lucky enough to meet Candice Michelle, Randy Orton, William Regal (who is from our hometown of Blackpool, England), and Kane. Bill had a conversation with Regal, who said he'd be in Blackpool in a couple of weeks. We had a souvenir photograph taken with Sabu, RVD and Lilian Garcia. We returned to the hotel, and Rick and I had a quick bite to eat while Bill went for a nap. We got ready and went to the Fox Theatre for the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. It was a wonderful, yet emotional evening. Bill shed a lot of tears for his idol, Mr. Perfect. Afterward, we returned to the hotel and partied in the bar until the early hours.


Today was the big day as we collected our WrestleMania tickets, and sat in line for an hour-and-a-half. There were lots of fans exchanging stories. We collected our packages, which included a CD holder, a hold-all, a bear and a program for the autograph signing on Saturday. We are really lucky to be in the front row for WrestleMania. We then went to downtown Detroit and had a great lunch in a bar that was showing the WWE Fanatic series. We were able to watch some really good WWE wrestling all afternoon. Later, we got in line for the world premiere of Stone Cold's movie The Condemned. It was great to see all the wrestlers and their families at the premiere. The Condemned is a hard-hitting, fast-paced, roller coaster action adventure movie. Stone Cold was awesome. It was great when the movie ended, because Stone Cold came out and gave a short speech which the fans loved. Then we returned to the hotel to have drinks with friends.

We made the short trip from Windsor, Ontario, Canada to the WrestleMania hotel in downtown Detroit. We went to the merchandise stall and bought some WrestleMania merchandise. We then went off for a short drive outside the city, and met up with our good friend Jimmy Noonan for lunch. After that, we made another trip over to Canada to see Chris Jericho and Fozzy at the Roxy.  Fozzy was excellent, and everybody had a good time. I was lucky enough to get a drumstick from the drummer at the end of the show. Then back to our hotel in Detroit for room service.


We left Grand Rapids and made our way to Battle Creek Mich., the hometown of ECW Superstar Rob Van Dam. Had a brief look around, but couldn't find RVD, lol. Decided to spend to night in Windsor, Ontario, Canada just across the river from the Motor City. We have a beautiful view of downtown Detroit from our room. Today has been a good day to rest our vocal cords from all the cheering and booing we've been doing at WWE events the last two days.


Tuesday, 11 a.m.
We picked up our rent-a-car and drove the 157 miles from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Mich. Around 4 p.m. we finally found the hotel, after being lost for an hour. At 6:30 p.m. we made the two minute drive to the arena. SmackDown was good, the crowd was loud, and Undertaker and World Heavyweight Champion Batista nearly brought the house down. The ECW show was after, which also was really good. At 11:15 p.m. we left the arena and made the two minute drive home. It took us over an hour, as our friend Rick got us lost driving back to the hotel. That's the last time we let him drive.


Monday, 12 a.m.
After a late liquid lunch, we went to the Allstate Arena in Chicago for Monday Night Raw. We were very lucky to get front row seats - thanks to our good friend Rick Taber. The arena was a capacity crowd, and seemed pumped and ready for the night's performance. Lilian Garcia sang the national anthem and Jim Ross being announced into the Hall of Fame were the two emotional events of the night. The matches were real good, and the build up to WrestleMania was brilliant. The final tag team match nearly blew the roof off the arena. We are on the road in the morning and off to Grand Rapids, Mich., for SmackDown.


Monday, 4 p.m.
After spending Sunday sightseeing in the fantastic city of Chicago with our friend Rick Taber, we went on a river cruise where the guide explained how the buildings developed over the years. We then made some signs for WrestleMania. We are now getting ready for Raw tonight.

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