WrestleMania gets bigger and brighter

WrestleMania gets bigger and brighter
The sights and sounds of WrestleMania 23 will not just take place in the ring this year. WWE fans watching the "Biggest Spectacle of Them All" will have the opportunity to experience what could be the most exciting stage and entranceway in history.

"This is the most power Ford Field has ever seen," said Jason Robinson, WWE set designer. "The magnitude of everything that we do when we have WrestleMania at a stadium is only something that can be experienced. It's all about the environment and coming into the arena and feeling just how big of a show this is."

At an event full of firsts and "biggest evers," Robinson promised "a lot of emotion, a lot of movement" and a slew of unprecedented things to be seen at Ford Field on Sunday.

"The entranceway is the tallest we've ever had, but it's also designed to morph," he revealed. "Every time you look at [the set], depending on which wrestler it is, there will be a particular entrance for each."

But according to Robinson, it doesn't stop there.

"It's the most lights we've had, the most cables we've had, the most production trucks we've had, the most searchlights, the most staging we've ever put down and the most LED lights we've ever had," Robinson said. "It's special for us because we have the opportunity to do some really large-scale stuff that we don't get a chance to do in normal arenas."

Just as a point of reference, Robinson explained that a typical Raw has 24 LED boards whereas there are 414 on this show. Moreover, for a normal pay-per-view, there are 4-6 searchlights. There are 56 on this show. And with the set's lighting element at 300 feet wide and 100 feet tall, expect it to be possibly the brightest WrestleMania of all time.

"We're trying a lot of new things that we can't divulge now," he added, "but hopefully on the show, you'll get to see some different things."

For more on this history-making set and more, tune in to WWE.com midday tomorrow as Josh Mathews and Maria come to you with live reports from Ford Field.

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