Midday Madness takes over Detroit

Midday Madness takes over Detroit

WWE fans that purchased the WWE WrestleMania travel package got to take advantage of one of the many perks of the deal: Midday Madness.

Roughly 700 of the 1500 fans waited in line for the first of three scheduled autograph signings and picture sessions with some of their favorite Superstars.

"It gives the fans the opportunity to meet the Superstars and have a chat with them," said Bill Shillinglaw. "It gives a little more human contact than just seeing them in the ring."

Shillinglaw and his wife Gail have been purchasing the package for years, and Midday Madness is always one of the highlights of their trip. While Gail was excited to meet her crush Randy Orton, Bill enjoyed seeing Kane again.

"He sprained my wrist last year when I shook his hand," said Bill. "He's a strong guy. He was a little gentler on me this time," he laughed. (You can read more at Bill and Gail's blog)

Bill wasn't the only one who enjoyed meeting Kane.

"It was good meeting Kane, I've been watching him since I was a kid, and it was nice getting to meet him," said Matt Strafford. Strafford is from England, and was thrilled to meet the Superstars for the first time. "It's been a really amazing week. Last night was excellent and it was good to see ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin. We're just looking forward to WrestleMania."

During the busiest week of the year for the Superstars, Midday Madness is a chance for them to connect with the people that make WWE what it is: the WWE fans.

"It's always fun to get to talk to WWE fans one-on-one," said Todd Grisham, who was playing host to the droves of people waiting in line. "When you come to WrestleMania and there are 70,000 fans, you can't walk out into these giant mobs, you'll get swamped… you'll lose an arm or leg or something. Especially me, I might take a punch in the face," Grisham laughed. "At Midday Madness, you get to go one-on-one with people and find out where they are from, hear their stories, and sign their books. It's really cool to get to know what our fans are really like.

"It's a great turnout today," Grisham went on. "One person will be from Mobile, Ala., and the next person will be from Singapore… so it‘s truly World Wrestling Entertainment because our fans come from all over."

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