Hardy high-flies to WWE Mania Madness championship

Hardy high-flies to WWE Mania Madness championship

Jeff Hardy's amazing Swanton Bomb off a ladder at WrestleMania 2000 has won WWE.com's Mania Madness -- a tournament of the 64 greatest moments in WrestleMania's storied history, as chosen by the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences. 

The moment entered the tournament as a middle-of-the-pack No. 6 seed, and made quick work of the moments it was up against -- including an upset of No. 1 seeded WrestleMania X8 moment -- The Rock versus Hulk Hogan.

In the finals of the tournament, Hardy's Swanton defeated HBK's WrestleMania XII victory by garnering 69 percent of the votes.

When informed of his victory, Hardy said, "Wow, that takes my breath away… just as much as doing the Swanton off a 20-foot ladder does." He continued, "That's just phenomenal, man."

Jeff Hardy assured himself another lasting image in WrestleMania history when he went out to the ring in Ford Field and wowed the record-breaking 80,103 in attendance once again with a death-defying leap off a ladder.

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