Live from Fox Theatre

Live from Fox Theatre

The air is still and the lights are faintly illuminating the scarlet red pillars, vintage velvet seats and accents of gold inside Detroit's Fox Theatre. And in just a short while, the tranquil silence will erupt with the sound of breaking glass as the Texas Rattlesnake stuns the world at the premiere of WWE Films' The Condemned.

Built in 1927 by William Fox (founder of what is now Twentieth Century Fox) and his wife Eve, "The Fox" is the second largest theater in the country and is one of the most prominent entertainment venues in the world. Initially built as a film house, Fox Theatre has been home to some of the greatest musical and theatrical performances of all time, including those by Bruce Springsteen, David Copperfield, Frank Sinatra and countless others.

The cost to construct the theater back in the Roaring Twenties is estimated to be roughly $6 to $10 million, and this investment is apparent in the unbelievably enchanting décor within this hallowed building.

Designed by Mrs. Fox along with architect C. Howard Crane, Fox Theatre boasts more than 5,000 seats that are engrossed by an Indian-Byzantine motif. Colossal golden elephant heads and a circus tent-style ceiling accentuate a two-ton stained glass sphere chandelier that hovers above the main floor.

In the main lobby of the three-tier structure is the rich, colorful, marble Grand Staircase which has hosted everything from charities to private weddings. This week, it will be the entry point for WWE fans attending both the world premiere of Stone Cold's film as well as the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

In the heart of downtown Detroit -- just blocks away from Ford Field -- the genuinely classic ambience and the 80-year-old legacy of Fox Theatre make it an ideal location for these WrestleMania week festivities.

Fox Theatre representative and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Olympia Entertainment Bill Lee agreed that "The Fox" is a perfect fit for WWE's invasion of the Motor City.

"It is a great honor to be a part of one of the world's greatest events by hosting The Condemned movie premiere and WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the Fox Theatre," he said in a statement issued to "We couldn't be more thrilled to be working with the great people of WWE."

Be sure to check back with as it continues to follow WrestleMania week tonight with The Condemned world premiere coverage.

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