Mr. McMahon and Trump join 'Fox & Friends'

Mr. McMahon and Trump join 'Fox & Friends'

Before their altercation at this afternoon's WrestleMania 23 press conference, Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump were special guests on this morning's Fox & Friends. The billionaires heated up the Fox News Channel show as they discussed Sunday's Hair vs. Hair match at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit.

After Trump assisted with the Fox & Friends weather forecast, the dueling billionaires joined the show's hosts, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. After Carlson explained the Battle of the Billionaires match, she told Trump, "Okay Donald, I have to tell you, I'm absolutely amazed you agreed to do this. Your hair is your trademark!"

"Well I don't think it's my trademark. When I was at military academy a long time ago, I used to have a very, very tiny little short crew cut. So it could happen again," Trump said.

Vince quickly interrupted, "I'm going to be a hero. Everyone in America, maybe all over the world, wants to see Donald Trump bald. And I'm going to do it. Everyone wants to see that."

Carlson agreed, much to the surprise of Trump. She said there's a fascination behind his hair, so she wants to see him bald. Vince agreed that Trump would look good with his head shaved.

Fox News Channel sports reporter Brian Kilmeade said he thought the match is biased, since both representatives -- ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley and Intercontinental Champion Umaga -- work for Mr. McMahon.

"Well, ‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin is the referee," Trump explained. "Stone Cold doesn't like him, and he doesn't know me. He really doesn't like Vince at all."

"Donald's out of his league!" Mr. McMahon said with confidence.

Carlson inquired if the head shaving will occur immediately after the match at WrestleMania 23.

"Absolutely. Right there we'll have a barber's chair. We're going to throw Donald in there. We're going to lash him all up and everything so he can't move. And then buzz…" Mr. McMahon said, pretending to shave Trump's hair with an imaginary shaver.

Doocy then said WWE's ratings are skyrocketing thanks to Trump.

"His ratings are the highest they've ever been. Then you take a fat pig like Rosie [O'Donnell] -- her ratings are high also. It's terrible. It's terrible," Trump said. "Without me, her ratings were terrible until I had the fight. She should give me 50 percent of anything she's making. This guy [Mr. McMahon], his ratings are at the all-time high."

Trump offered a few jabs at O'Donnell and explained the Rosie vs. Trump match, which occurred earlier this year on Raw. Carlson then shared a comment from a Fox & Friends viewer.

"An e-mailer wrote in and said you're putting yourself in this situation so this way you can change your hair without making it look like you really want to change your hair," she said to Trump.

"Let me be honest. I've done very well with my hair. I've had a nice career and a nice life and everything else. Maybe I'd be fine bald, but I don't want to take a chance. I don't want it to happen," Trump said.

"Mother Nature's going to do it anyhow. I'm just going to beat Mother Nature to the punch," Mr. McMahon said.

"Mother Nature's in the process of doing it!" Trump laughed.

Kilmeade asked why the billionaires opted to use representatives in the match. He pointed out to Mr. McMahon that Trump's an athlete -- so why not go at it themselves?

"Well, you may see some of that. If Donald gets out of line, you know I'm going to do what I do. This is my world," Mr. McMahon smiled.

"His suggestion was actually that," Trump said. "I challenged him to a fight, and then we ultimately decided on getting wrestlers to do it. But I did challenge him to a fight."

Since Trump is involved in sports-entertainment now, Doocy asked Mr. McMahon if he's thinking about investing in real estate.

"Not a chance! Not a chance!" Vince laughed.

"This guy [Trump] likes to win at everything. If he doesn't, he's not going to get over this," Kilmeade said, showing concern for the billionaires' longtime friendship.

"I know, and it's kind of nice. No really, think about that," Vince said. "You have this billionaire over here. He's pompous. When he doesn't win at something and starts whining and whatever, that's really got to make me feel good."

"Vince, he's pompous?" Kilmeade questioned.

"Pompous? He's got the pompadour and he's pompous!" McMahon said, pointing at Trump's hair.

Doocy asked the billionaires to shake hands before leaving. Trump adamantly refused.

"Honestly, we were friends for years. We were friends for years! I don't really like him too much anymore. I've been dealing with him now for three or four weeks in this crazy deal. His ratings are through the roof -- what do I get out of it?" Trump asked, pointing out his show, The Apprentice: Los Angeles airs Sunday night during the same time WrestleMania will be broadcast.

Doocy also remarked that WrestleMania is on April Fools' Day, and asked if the Battle of the Billionaires is a hoax.

"Oh, no!" Mr. McMahon said, assuring that the Battle of the Billionaires is indeed going to happen, and someone will walk away bald from WrestleMania on Sunday.

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