WWE fan diary

WWE fan diary

When the referee held up Hulk Hogan and Mr. T's hands after defeating "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorf at the inaugural WrestleMania, it didn't just cement the power of Hulkamania. Along with the Hulkster's position as WWE's top draw for nearly a decade, two other things became clear: WWE had successfully weaved its way into the fabric of pop culture, and WrestleMania was poised to get bigger, badder and bolder as time marched on. 

The evolution of WrestleMania since its inception in 1985 has given fans riskier matches, more impressive set designs, rousing lighting and pyro displays and, thankfully, decades of clothing and hairstyle changes. (Imagine if Shawn Michaels was still sporting the neon tights? That would be heartbreaking.)

As the spectacle of WrestleMania grew, the WWE fans involvement in sports-entertainment's biggest event also developed. The support and unquenchable thirst for WWE from our fans has always served as the cornerstone of WrestleMania. It's the passion that WWE fans hold that makes WrestleMania so special, and the reason that WWE.com felt it was time to dedicate an online journal to one lucky couple who will be making the trek to Detroit for their tenth straight WrestleMania.

Bill and Gail Shillinglaw -- pro-WWE fans -- share more than 40 years of WWE fandom between them. The duo has happily agreed to participate in WWE.com's first-ever fan diary to show the sports-entertainment community exactly what WWE fans have access to, when they take advantage of all that WrestleMania has to offer.

Two of the laundry list of events the Shillinglaws will attend are the premiere of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's movie, The Condemned, and the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The induction of Mr. Perfect -- one of their all-time favorite Superstars -- holds a special place with the Shillinglaws.

Following the Shillinglaw's  WrestleMania 23 journey is as easy as logging onto WWE.com beginning Monday. Updates will be added regularly as events unfold.

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