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WrestleMania week on WWE.com

WrestleMania week on WWE.com
As always, WWE.com is your official source and location for any and all events relating to WrestleMania in the week leading up to Sunday's historic event. WWE.com is also the only media outlet that will cover every event on the Road to WrestleMania.

WWE.com's complete coverage of WrestleMania week begins this Monday on Raw, and will continue up to and through Sunday's monumental event. Some highlights of the week will include the WrestleMania press conference at Trump Tower on Wednesday, the THQ Challenge on Thursday, Friday's World Premiere of The Condemned, and the Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday. The first two hours of the Hall of Fame ceremony can be seen live on WWE.com, starting at 7/6 CT. Then watch the huge final hour of the festivities on the USA Network at midnight/11 CT.

Be sure to stay tuned for all this, and much more as WWE.com prepares for WrestleMania 23, live from Detroit's Ford Field on Sunday, April 1.

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