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What cash can create

What cash can create

Controversy Creates Cash author and former sports-entertainment totalitarian Eric Bischoff is certainly familiar with the power of the buck. But, if you ask Bischoff about the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23, he'll tell you that Mr. McMahon or Donald Trump leaving Detroit with their hair intact may be something that even these moguls' money can't buy.

From Ted Turner to the WWE Chairman, Bischoff has encountered his share of egocentric billionaires in his day -- and almost became one himself. According to him, the Battle of the Billionaires Match between Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump will be an exercise in the unfamiliar notion of futility for both men, as the fates of their wealthy heads will be decided by their respective representatives, Intercontinental Champion Umaga and ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley.

"It's a very interesting battle," Bischoff explained. "[Both McMahon and Trump] are said to have the largest egos on the face of the earth, and you're putting those two egos of such magnitude in the same ring with so much on the line."

Heading into the "Granddaddy of Them All," the Chairman has proved that he is willing to throw his riches around to earn the upper hand. McMahon has tried to persuade Trump's representative Lashley to back out, to no avail. Bischoff would not be surprised if this is not the last trick up the sleeve of the nefarious Chairman, and given the enormity of this match; the ex-WCW czar would expect to see some return tactics from "The Donald."

"Not only do Mr. McMahon and Trump have big egos, they're vain as hell," said the Controversy author. "I think this probably means more than money to both of them."

But, as Bischoff will tell you, money cannot yield miracles -- it can't save dying companies and it can't protect the coiffures of either billionaire at WrestleMania. What it can do, however, is create a moment that no WWE fan will soon forget when all is said and done in Detroit.

"When you think about it," he added, "both Trump and Vince McMahon have a lot more money than they have hair, so this is an important match to both of them."

As he revealed on Raw, Bischoff has his favorite pegged, and is ready to enjoy watching the Battle of the Billionaires. Perhaps sharing an opinion with countless WWE fans across the globe, he hopes to see Trump shave McMahon's head, exposing and deflating the massive ego that is centralized in the Chairman's cranium.

But, with so much on the line, it's difficult to determine exactly who will leave WrestleMania sans hair. One thing, however, is for certain on April 1. Unlike the title of Bischoff's best-selling book, cash will create enough controversy to unglue the sold-out crowd at Ford Field as a billionaire buys himself a bald head.

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