WrestleMania 13 Main Event

WrestleMania 13 Main Event

Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid
WWE Championship

Undertaker had held the WWE Championship once before, and the Phenom wanted it once again. It had been more than five years since he been the prestigious champion, but the taste of greatness had made him hungry for the championship once again.

Before the main event match even started, Bret "Hit Man" Hart came down to ringside complaining about how he had been screwed out of the WWE Championship. Sid didn't take too kindly to these words and powerbombed Hart for his troubles. Sid later got the powerbomb on Undertaker as well, but Hart had come back down to ringside. Sid went after Hart, allowing Undertaker to regroup and hit his Tombstone for the win and his second WWE Championship.

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