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DX is back, but are they better than ever?

D-Generation X is officially back, but are Shawn Michaels and Triple H better than ever? That question will be answered at Vengeance when the duo takes on all five members of the Spirit Squad in a Handicap Match.

WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon’s problems with Shawn Michaels extend all the way back to the night after Christmas on RAW. Since then, Mr. McMahon vowed to put HBK on the Highway to Hell. And just recently, due to Triple H’s outright defiance of the Chairman, Mr. McMahon vowed to do the same thing to him. But a monkey wrench was thrown into his plans when the two Superstars reunited to squash a Spirit Squad attack. Mr. McMahon is once again sending out the young fivesome to do his bidding, and this time the goal is to destroy DX forever.

This past week on RAW, D-Generation X used a wide array of sophomoric actions and unabashed hijinks to get under the skin of both Mr. McMahon and the Spirit Squad, but the time for fun and games will come to an end at Vengeance. According to Mikey, the Spirit Squad means all business.

“At Vengeance it will be out with the old and in with the new,” said Mikey. “As far as DX is concerned, it’s gut-check time, and we’re going to show them that their spirits need to be just a little bit higher to compete with the five greatest athletes in WWE – the Spirit Squad.”

While there will always only be one DX, some have compared the young and brash Spirit Squad to the rebellious group that helped usher in the Attitude era of WWE back in 1997. Kenny wasn’t afraid to share his thoughts on the comparison.

“I think DX is great and all, but let’s face it – that’s the old DX. That’s what they used to be,” said Kenny. “No matter what group it may be – whether it’s the Four Horsemen, whether it’s the nWo, whether it’s Evolution, or whether it’s DX, all of those groups put together can’t even equal the Spirit Squad. Just look at us. We’re five different, unique, never-before-seen athletes. We all have our signature maneuvers. I have the leg drop off the top rope, which has never been seen before in WWE.”

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Spirit Squad has achieved a massive amount of success in their early WWE careers. Not only do they possess the World Tag Team Championship, but they also put Shawn Michaels on the shelf for a period of time. With an impressive resume already, what would destroying DX’s legacy mean to the group?

“It would be a very, very big notch under our belts,” said Kenny. “This Sunday, the Spirit Squad will end DX once and for all. This version of DX is only going to last a week. It won’t be like last time.”

“Once the demise of DX is completed, we will have destroyed two of the greatest athletes in WWE,” said Mikey. “Let’s just say, that after Vengeance, the rest of the roster should take notice, because they’re just next on our hit list.”

Triple H and Shawn Michaels were both reached for comment, but rather than give their opinions, they were more interested in giving out wedgies.

But Sunday at Vengeance, the Spirit Squad is surely in for more than just wedgies. Will DX be able to overcome the numbers game, or will the Spirit Squad once again make Mr. McMahon a very happy man? Tune in to Vengeance at 8/7 CT live on pay-per-view this Sunday to find out.

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