Can Edge bring the gold home?

Two weeks ago at ECW One Night Stand, Edge basically helped Rob Van Dam become WWE Champion by spearing John Cena through a table. RVD then took the gold to the premiere of ECW on Sci Fi, where he rechristened it the ECW World Championship. This Sunday, however, Edge has the opportunity to bring that gold back to RAW when he faces RVD at Vengeance.

In an exclusive interview prior to One Night Stand, Edge said that he didn’t really have a preference for his opponent at Vengeance. However, his actions in the Hammerstein Ballroom spoke louder than his words, and now he has the chance to bring the WWE Championship back to RAW.

So what would that mean to the Rated-R Superstar? “I think the key word is that I would be winning the WWE Championship,” he told “I’m pro Edge so as long as it involves me winning the Championship, that’s all that matters to me. I am contracted to RAW and I wrestle for WWE; therefore, it would come back, but that’s because I care about winning it. Let’s face it, I care about myself; I don’t care about the other guys in the WWE locker room or the guys in the ECW locker room.”

Edge had to care about Randy Orton on Tuesday night, as the two teamed up to face Van Dam and Kurt Angle on ECW on Sci Fi. Unfortunately, it was an extreme setback for the WWE team, as RVD and Angle took the victory with the WWE Champion pinning Edge after a Five-Star Frog Splash. While that may give Van Dam the momentum heading into this Sunday night, he’s eagerly awaiting Sunday for different reasons.

“I look forward to (Vengeance) because it’s going to be my first title defense,” he said.  “It’s a good thing being the World Champion and I believe that a lot of people don’t expect for me to hold on to (the championship) for very long. With that in mind, I look forward to having the chance to defend it.”

Despite Edge’s stance on not caring about the locker room, he has always maintained that he respects Van Dam. The WWE Champion has returned that respect, but after all that Edge has done in recent weeks, the match has now become a little more personal to RVD.

“Obviously it is (more personal); that spear wasn’t meant to injure me, it was just meant to insult me,” he said. “So I have to accept the fact that he publicly threw an insult at me. I’m not one to get worked up over being insulted; it takes quite a lot to get to me and I don’t think that’s going to change. But now on top of just beating Edge, I’m thinking of insulting him back. That’s how it goes; we call it a receipt.”

While obviously confident, RVD full well knows that the match taking place in a WWE ring may be a bit of a detriment to his style. “I wish it was ECW, “ he said, “but it’s Vengeance; I suppose that’s going to effect what I can use to my advantage in the match, but I look forward to it.”

Edge is certainly ready to exploit that; in fact, the Rated-R Superstar is so confident that he’s already willing to tell the fans what his second WWE Championship reign will be like. “I think that the people can expect more excitement; (they can) expect the unexpected, which was what happened with my first Championship reign,” the Rated-R Superstar crowed. “Not only will you see things that aren’t supposed to happen on national TV, but you will also see me go out there and steal the show. I like to pride myself on being one of the best in-ring performers in the world, so not only am I going to push buttons and make you hate me and do sleazy things, but I’ll also go in there and fall off of a ladder through a table on the floor (if I have to). And of course, I’ll get back up and retain the Championship.”

Will that scenario begin this coming Monday on RAW, or will the WWE Championship still be held in enemy territory when Vengeance is said and done?

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